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Our Name


Live Like Leeya is a mission inspired by 5 year old Leeya Rodriguez who was faced with some of the toughest physical, mental and emotional challenges anyone could ever imagine. From the time she was diagnosed with a terminal illness at 10 month old, until the day she left this earth just 10 days after her 5th birthday, the grace and joy she exhibited in her short lifetime never changed. Her vibrant smile and infectious personality inspired the lives of everyone she came in contact with, which is something we all should strive to imitate. Life will no doubt seem hard and at times, down right cruel. But the character in which you choose to build through that life experience can make all the difference in the world.

Our Mission


Our mission is to write literature that touches, heals and inspires others on a spiritual, mental and emotional level. Whether its encouraging you that things will get better, sharing personal experiences that helps you understand that you are not alone in your struggle or simply bringing awareness to those things people are afraid to talk but need to be addressed. Some literature  may make you laugh, others may make you cry, but it all is with purpose and shared in love.

Our Purpose


Our Purpose in fulfilling this mission is to start some much needed conversations. It's also to unite our followers and help them understand the pain that some of the fellow humanity is faced with on a daily basis. But most importantly, it is to inspire and encourage the hearts of those who need it most. Our purpose is designed to never be truly fulfilled because there will always be someone who needs a helping hand. There will always be someone who feels alone or like life is against them. So with that being said, our purpose is to never stop this mission.

Upcoming Events

"The Reality" Stage Play @ USF Theatre, August 25th, 2019 5:00PM


Often times there's a misconception that church kids don't experience the same struggles or temptations as kids who have not grown up in religion. But the reality is, not only do they experience the same issues as others, the pressure of being a "church kid" and the expectation that comes with that, sometimes can force an adolescent to make bad decisions while trying to cover it all up in the process. But what's done in the dark, will always come to the light.

(Tickets are on sale now at $18 per person and available via PayPal by clicking on the PayPal button below. Please be syre to include your mailing address to receive your physical tickets in the mail. For credit card purchasing options, you may order your tickets directly on Eventbrite's website by clicking the link or copying and pasting it in your browser. These tickets are also available at For more information on our special group rates for groups of 10 or more, please contact us directly. Thank you


"Window To My Soul" Poetry Book


COMING SOON! I'll be releasing a poetry book filled with some of your favorite literature posted previously on the website, and some never before read gems I've been keeping to myself. Keep an eye out for a release date with details on how to purchase your copy!

Creative Writing Aspirations?


Do you have a gift for writing literature and would like to have your work featured on our website? Please click the "Submissions" button below and share your work for a chance to be selected as our featured Poet of the Month.